Feedback from our customer Autospirit

Autospirit is dealer company for Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Peugeot, Fiat, Opel and Chevrolet car brands in Estonia. Autospirit provides car sales, maintenance and rental services.

The main problem which forced us to find new software solution was necessity for sales software which includes all customers and vehicles and will be a efficient application to have good overview about customers, maintenance history and also for making and sending offers to customers.

The proposed solution was the Autorsoft CRM module for car services and which is developed specially for car sales and workshop companies. This CRM enable to manage service processes from calculation up to invoices. Additionally the CRM is linked with Autorsoft Mailer.

Autospirit is using the Autorsoft for administrating and sending offers to  customers. Also the software gives a good overview about the activity of sales persons – the offers which has been done and which offers have been successful and which not and therefore gives chances for further activities with customer who have not gave feedback about offers.

The Autorsoft CRM main advantage is customer database and the history of activities for customers. This CRM enables to manage further activities such as reminders for service times or making new offers for new car models and so on.

We have to mention that Autorsoft software is convenient, beneficial and very easy to use for our company. This software solution is specially designed and developed considering our demands. And if we need any improvement or updating this will be done by Tiit Ootsing quickly.

The most important is value for money what Autorsoft could offer to customer. Also is important that the Autorsoft is available to adjust the customers conditions and needs. And reliability for the Autorsoft developer Tiit Ootsing who is very professional and experienced.

We are very satisfied with the software solution and therefore we don`t want to recommend to other car sales companies because it really makes the sales and workshop administrating easier.

The Autorsoft is a good software solution for car sales and workshop companies and for merchandising companies also with the CRM-module.

We are very glad about the successful cooperation with Autorsoft team!

Martin Pedai

Autospirit Manager

Autorsoft 2020