E-mail Marketing – fruitless spam or profitable business strategy

Sending a lot of trivial letters to customers is not successful for your company and makes customers abandon such e-mails and delete these offers. Vice versa – if the letters are thought-out and well-subjected this would be an excellent method for increase the sales numbers and brand awareness.

Informative newsletter helps increase awareness about your brand and also gives a good overview about the products and services which you company provides. Well-subjected e-mails enable to guide customer to your webpage where they could get more information about new products and updated solutions. Also there is possibility to draw customer attention to sites which may unnoticed at first sight by customer or the product which are available for example only in e-shop.

Autorsoft Massmailer module makes sending e-mails and advertisements very easy. This module could take the customers e-mail addresses from other Autorsoft modules or from Excel files. The letter designing and data or facts addition is also available in the module with special tool.  Autorsoft Massmailer will send the e-mails to customers without sending error messages. Also is available to choose sending intervals and speed so that the server don´t divide them to spam letters. The sent letters and rejected or faulty letters will be divided into different lists to give good overview to whom the message reached and to whom not. The module gives availability to forbid the e-mail addresses to whom the message will not been sent.

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