The proper software creates value for your company

The proper software creates the value for your company

Nowadays it is not possible to develop and manage business without special software. There are several software solutions that are developed specially for one business area and linking with other field of business it would be rather difficult or impossible. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right software solutions that make your business management smooth and would create value for your company.

Create a good opportunities

Choosing the necessary software solution it is essential that it covers the needs for nowadays and also potential needs for further times. Autorsoft software consists of various modules which will be added and changed according needs of customer`s business area. Autorsoft also includes personal support with server service, and back-up and updates for database. We can offer the software as a rental solution also, so that user don’t concern about maintenance, updating and secured hosting for his software. So the personnel can do the main working tasks instead of learning various softwares.

It is useful to investigate to software solutions

Frequently the software implementation will be postponed because that this is expensive and time-consuming process. The success for the company don’t occur just simply and it is necessary to make the right investments to business software. Developing business software with useful functions and modules which are adjusted to customer`s needs is a long-term process and takes much time resource but it is worth for future.

It is good to trust experienced

Our company began developing and working with Autorsoft in 1995 when there was demand for special  and comprehensive software solutions on the market. Autorsoft is developed due to our first customer – Autoring which was the Nissan dealer in Estonia. Customer set task to us to develop the software which is able to manage spare parts orders, the customer`s maintenance history, accounting and asset management. The mentioned software has been done for Autoring already in years ago and has been worked successfully.

Our company has already 25 year experience with Autorsoft and this software with various modules is working for following customers: Swecon Ltd, Go Bus JSC, Transtar Service JSC, Autospirit Ltd, Aasta Auto JSC. As we have heard that they are satisfied with our software.

Be sure to contact us and take part of our experiences. Learn more about Autorsoft or demo version.

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