Car Sales and Offers

Autorsoft car sales module is designed for car sales companies to manage the whole sales process – customers registry, offers, invoicing, sales history and statistics.

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Detailed description

All vehicles and accessories data for sales persons is located in Autorsoft sales module and the sending offers to customers will be done directly from this module. Sales person has to write only customer`s name or choose the customer from database.

The sales person can add various warranty terms and special prices into the offer which are also located in the sales module.

The selection of accessories for current vehicle offer is also be done in the sales module accessories list and is very easy for sales person. Also sales person can manually add the accessories which customer needs additionally.

In result the offers will be done very easily and are always correct and in same format.

All the offers will be located in car sales module and it is easy to get weekly or monthly reports or statistics.

It is easy to get various reports and statistics about customers – car sales, leasing agreements and invoicing for making further tasks, plans and goals.

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