Asset management module

Asset management module is for administrating assets – inserting asset and prepare overviews and reports about all assets. Module includes the function for inventory reports also.

Detailed overview

Asset management module has been designed and developed in cooperation with Tartu Emajõe School, therefore that school had necessity for modern inventory solution.

The module includes following parts:

  • buildings
  • rooms
  • assets
  • personnel
  • inventories
  • reports


Before the inventory reports all the assets have to be inserted by bar code sticker, therefore the products have various bar codes.

The assets will be inserted into database with bar code reader and according to the room where the assets are located. As a result there will be the asset database which is a good tool for further period.

During the inventory process there is possibility to add notes to each asset about further tasks – for example to change users or to move to another building or amortize current asset. At the end of the inventory there is possibility to print necessary documents by activities. This database makes available to insert new asset, search current asset and prepare reports.

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