Mass Mailing Module

Mass mailing module Massmailer makes easy to send e-mails and advertisements to costomers. This module enables to import the customer`s list from sales or service module or from MS Excel files. The mass mailing module includes the possibility to design the layout and format of the letter or advertisement.

Detailed description

Mass mailing module have possibility to import customer`s e-mail addresses from other CRM-software or add addresses from MS Excel sheet. Massmailer send all the e-mails without displaying the error messages. Sending takes place one by one to each address and sending speed is adjustable, so that the recipient doesn`t get the e-mail as spam. All the mass posted e-mails will be saved to the sent e-mail folder also. Not sent and e-mails with errors will be saved in the unsent e-mails folder. Mass-mailer enable to block e-mail sending also those customers to whom it is not necessary to send.

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