Let`s get acquainted – 5 questions to Autorsoft developer Tiit Ootsing

How was the beginning of Autorsoft developing?

Autorsoft developing began in 1995 when I worked in Autoring which was the dealer for Nissan and Fiat cars In Estonia. At that time the activities with customers, vehicles, spare parts and workshop work schedule  has been registered in Excel or even in paper. The sales and workshop personnel had to switch between different files and to find activities history even from paper so that And also was the possibility that some information may go missing without the comprehensive solution.

In Autoring working period at first I developed the software for ordering spare parts. After that I developed the car sales solution from which later has grow up the car sales module. And the third solution was car service module where the customer, vehicle and workshop history were registered.

In which business fields the Autorsoft is used?

The main customer segment is workshops companies for cars and buses. The second segment is car sales companies which have to use CRM solution for customer and vehicles administrating. Special software solutions are developed in compliance to customer`s needs and such solutions are in use in Swecon, Go Bus and Tartu Emajõe School. The special developed solution has been used in Räpina Paper Factory also a few years ago.

Which is the most long-term customer and which modules they are using?

The most long-term customer is Autospirit Tartu and they were using the full service package – car sales, mass-mailer and car rental modules.

Which is the most interesting developing and work victory for You?

We have two interesting developing projects.

First is for Go Bus the maintenance software for buses which has been developed with integration the existing working modules so that these modules will be working synchronously.

Second is for Swecon the sales and rental module for construction machines. Cooperation with Swecon is the important, because this is the work victory and customer found us by our webpage.

How the supporting works when customer begins to use Autorsoft?

In the beginning using our solution we keep in touch with customers and so we can improve the working solution better proceeding to customer`s needs. Also we have trainings for new users which are provided in customer computer by remote connection. This training solution is efficient for customer personnel, because they are using their own computers using own working solutions.

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