CASE STUDY – successful cooperation between several software manufacturers on the example of Veoautoring Service.

CASE STUDY – successful cooperation between several software manufacturers on the example of Veoautoring Service.

Today’s software vendors need to be more willing to work together for better improvement to satisfy customer needs. The reasons for the need for collaboration are used in different ways between different software vendors: to develop existing software and create added value, to provide the best possible experience for the end-user, and to achieve software efficiency and innovation.

Willingness to cooperate on the example of a Veoautoring Service

It is a new establishment called Veoautoring Service, with a spare parts store and service located next to the premises. The companies are different, of which Veoautoring OÜ sells truck spare parts and Veoautoring Service rents trucks. The goal of both is common – to make the workshop function effective with limited human resources. However, confusion and problems were caused by the situation where Veoautoring was using the Balanss Plus software, Veoautoring Servise was using Autorsoft software, and their accountant was using Merit Aktiva software.

This is where the need and willingness to cooperate came into play, and all three software developers began to work together to provide the end-user with the best possible software experience.

An interesting combination of successful cooperation

The result of the cooperation was the following interesting combination:

  • The seller of spare parts added the car registration number and spare part codes to the sales order line.
  • Rv Soft made its own Balanss Pluss add-on for Veoautoringa program that generates XML documents from every spare part that goes to Veoutoring Service workshop.
  • Autorsoft made a factory add-on to its program that reads XML document all spare parts with a description and prices.

The warehouse income documents were then automatically generated and the products were distributed among the work orders according to the car number.

For the end-user, this means that the master only has to insert into the program working hours, adjust prices if necessary, and issue an invoice. The locksmith will take care of and install the necessary spare parts, which will appear on the invoice automatically. After the invoice is confirmed, the invoice is sent and the customer description is obtained through the API to Merit Aktiva. The whole process goes on and with minimal effort.

The importance of cooperation

The key to supportive cooperation today is reliable satisfaction for the end-user. It is similar to the internal operation of any machine. If all the pieces fit together as needed and all the gears work at the right speed, the machine can perform the operations for which it was designed. If one piece is out of place, the machine will not work properly and will not be as efficient as the head.

Autorsoft can always develop, keep up with the company’s needs and innovations. If you are interested, write to us. After the initial input information, we can already make a certain offer.

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