Are bulk emails effective?

Are bulk emails effective?

Sending e-mails is one of the most common forms of communication used for both personal and professional purposes. From the company’s point of view, this is a great way to quickly and cheaply convey the desired information to your target audience.

What makes sending mass emails efficient?

Simplicity and cheap price

The two biggest benefits of email marketing are price and simplicity. Compared to other types of marketing or platforms, sending emails is a cheap way to promote your company’s products/services.

Email marketing allows you to target business-specific audiences or even specific people. For example, restaurants can send customers an email on their birthday, offering them a 50% discount appetizer on that day. Such personalization helps the company develop and maintain customer relationships, leading to higher sales and customer loyalty.


The customer may not see the discount offer on the company’s website. However, there is a much safer and faster way to inform him by e-mail. It is also a good way to collect direct feedback from customers about a new company’s the product/service via email.

Email marketing is still relevant and up to date

We live in an age of social media and email marketing is often considered old-fashioned. One of the great advantages of e-mail over social media is that customers are more likely to see e-mail sent to them than on a social media platform due to the high frequency of posting. Due to high information mobility on social media, a potential customer may not see the message, but the e-mail will remain in his or her mailbox until it has been read or deleted.

It is possible to measure the result

The success of the e-mails sent can be measured, which is extremely important! This will help you analyze the weaknesses and strengths of the email campaign you sent to make sense of what you need to do to achieve better and more effective results.

Autorsoft Massmailer

Autorsoft’s Massmailer module makes it particularly easy to send ads and emails. The program can take e-mail addresses from Autorsoft modules, to which the company has already added customers, or add them from MS Excel. You can also conveniently enter various data and change the appearance of the message in the module using the e-mail designer. Author’s Massmailer sends e-mails without displaying annoying error messages, and the sending speed and intervals can be changed so that different servers do not automatically consider the content sent to be spam. Sent messages and invalid or rejected e-mails are added to various lists to give an accurate picture of who the content was sent to or not. Additionally, you can prevent specific email addresses from being sent to specific email addresses.

If you have additional questions or try the demo version, please contact us.

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