3 reasons why developers should provide customer support

3 reasons why developers should provide customer support

Providing customer support means identifying and meeting customer needs and problems. Time has become more important for people, and customer satisfaction is affected by how quickly their questions are answered and problems are solved. Today, providing customer support is the key in the software business, helping the developer to broaden his or her knowledge while providing a better customer experience.

1. Dealing with customer support allows the developer to see the bigger picture.

Providing direct customer support allows the developer to understand their products as seen by customers. The developer knows his/her products very well, but it may not be possible to see the customer’s point of view, because everything seems so logical. Thus, the perspectives of both parties are useful in solving software-based problems and issues, allowing the developer to see the bigger picture and, if necessary, improve or make the product even more user-friendly.

2. Possibility to take into account customer feedback and suggestions.

All software companies have the same goal: to provide the highest possible quality of service/product. That alone is no longer enough. The client may have their own little “swings” that are important to him/her. A good software provider is one who can deal with these “swings” or problems and make the work comfortable for the customer.

It can be extremely frustrating for customers to call and contact customer support for a problem, suggestion, or question that is not even 100% familiar with their product. This is an advantage for a small software vendor over a large one, where it is usually possible to contact the developer directly. They are not answered by someone through the helpdesk, who may not be able to guide or solve the problem exactly. Small business developers know exactly what is going on and therefore can solve a problem or issue quickly. That’s why every developer should also offer customer support or the opportunity to contact them directly.

3. Solving customer problems motivates developers.

A customer service developer tends to care more about the end product. By receiving direct customer feedback, the developer better understands that his/her product has a real impact on customers’ lives. Direct feedback and customer communication motivate the developer to be even better in their work, to be able to find solutions quickly, and to care more about their customer and product.

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