Autorsoft’s modular solutions – perfect for small businesses

Autorsoft’s modular solutions – perfect for small businesses

It’s natural that small businesses have often fewer employees and annual revenues than bigger corporations. They’re usually started as a side hustle with a low cost and on a part-time basis. That gives some people the idea that tools such as software the company uses must not be of good quality because of how much less they can spend on it, but that is simply not true. 

Modular solutions to fit your specific needs

If you look around the market, most of the software providers offer turnkey solutions. Autorsoft knows from experience that customers don’t yearn for rigid one way solutions. These kinds of package deals can be great for bigger businesses which actually might use all of the services offered, whereas for smaller companies it often means paying extra for features that they don’t use. This where our modular solutions come in handy. Instead of developing one final software that the clients must get used to, we provide a mix and match solution that lets you pay for services that you actually use. 

Autorsoft’s software modules include:

  • Car sales and offers to customers
  • Car service
  • Car rental
  • Mass mailing to customer
  • Cash sales
  • Business software
  • Assets management

Integration and flexibility

Adapting to a new software isn’t always easy, especially when you’re using a variety of programs and databases which often aren’t integratable with some of the all-in-one solutions. We understand that one specific software can’t always replace all of the other tools you use which is why Autorsoft’s software can be linked with various others such as Estonian Road Administration, Inforegister, Finnish Business Information System, Standard Books and Directo. This will provide you the flexibility to create solutions that precisely cater to your needs. 

So don’t settle for less just because your company is smaller. Improve your business today. Contact us to find out more about making work more effective!

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