Business Software and Customer Management  – all-in-one solution for your company

Business Software and Customer Management – all-in-one solution for your company

Autorsoft’s Business Software and Customer Management module has been created to fit the needs of a smaller company that appreciates an easy and functional work environment. It combines various options for you to handle your info and documents about sales, customers and accounting while also providing simple ways to create monthly and annual reports required for either management or Tax Board. 


The software is designed to be simple, which is why the business module is very easy to use for anyone previously familiar with MS Microsoft computers. Customers, sales and storage database will help you with inventory reports, which you can create based on storage data or barcode reader info. The software also carries a free cash registry option allowing you to sell products by using barcode reader and to use register’s printer.

With business software you can easily prepare following reports:

  • unsettled invoices by customers
  • unsettled invoices by dates
  • purchase and sale products and services by codes
  • purchase and sale products and services by groups
  • sale products and services by customers
  • purchase products and services by suppliers
  • sales reports for exporting to Erply Books software
  • sales and purchase reports of invoices over 1000 EUR by customers (automatic xml-fail for sending the Business Register)
  • unpaid invoices by suppliers
  • unpaid invoices by dates
  • sales and purchase reports from inside EU
  • export sales by product groups
  • inventory by dates
  • inventory by storehouse and product groups
  • stock movements by selected period.
  • inventory reports by current lists

Integrating other softwares and databases

Autorsoft business software can be used with Autorsoft Finance (ledger) or linked Standard Books, in which case all confirmed invoices will automatically be submitted  to Standard Books. Linking the software to Inforegister’s database makes it possible to import new customers data and update already existing customer’s data with ease. In addition there’s an interface allowing users to get customer’s information for background checks. Linking to Finnish Business Information System let’s you get Finnish companies data. Whereas linking to Omniva E-mail Service Centre enables users to import and send electronical invoices. Importing these invoices will automatically create product codes and purchase invoices that meet the financial transfers’ requirements. 

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