Autorsoft’s Car Sales and Offers module – your ticket for success

Autorsoft’s Car Sales and Offers module – your ticket for success

Our company has a variety of different modules to specifically fit your company’s needs like business software, asset management, mass mailing and cash sales. But there’s a big section dedicated to the automotive industry such as rental, service, sales and offer modules. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the car sales and offers module, which is one of our first and most popular modules.

Experience with with car sales and software

Autorsoft’s developer Tiit Otsing has worked in a car dealership himself, whereas he had to keep his work on track by using either Excel or paper documentation.This made information management difficult and it was easy to make mistakes because of all the information which wasn’t synced. Since Tiit had studied programming, he decided to put his skills to work and develop a software specifically for the automotive industry that would improve their management and engage growth.

Car Sales and Offers module opportunities

The module is intended for car sales companies to manage different sales activities. Putting together new offers only takes a few clicks. Car dealers only need to insert customer details. The whole process can be done in seconds and the outcome will always be correct. If needed, it is also possible to add different conditions, special prices, warranty conditions and equipment to specific cars. Equipment lists can be created for easy linking with sales. It is possible to describe a default image for each car available for sale. The image can be changed for the sales offers if the existing image does not match it. 

All sales and offers are stored together with customer data in a database, which is easy to use and maintain. The data allows for quick overview and reports. Sales history eliminates the possibility for different sellers to make mistakes in the sales process and the offers will always be correctly put together. 

All in one solution with a great price

Most of Autorsoft’s clients are from the automotive industry and have given our car oriented modules positive feedback. But if you think that actions speak louder than words, make a note that one of our long time clients, Autospirit, has just recently extended using our car sales and offers module. They wanted to make everyday work faster and more efficient, but also cut costs for car dealerships which till now had to bounce between different softwares to get the job done. Meanwhile dealerships already using Autorsoft’s sales and offers module were reaping benefits of a user friendly solution for a cheaper price. 

Time to take your business on another level

Our clients are not afraid of innovation, because they have gotten a positive experience from our cooperation. They understand that using proper solutions can give their businesses a huge advantage. If you want to make your business processes more efficient, contact us!

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