Why you should not be using outdated software?

Why you should not be using outdated software?

Every software has a life cycle. But it’s important to keep your software up-to-date, even when sometimes it feels annoying to do so. 

Missing out on features

You might think there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken, but not getting an updated version of your program can put you at a disadvantage with your competitors. Sometimes new features can be game changers that really increase your productivity,  even if it’s just changing some tasks easier to manage or faster to conclude, but if you’re stuck with one of the old versions you may never find out. 

Possibly increased costs

It can be sometimes missed that old software may have many hidden costs. Outdated version might not be supported by the supplier anymore and leaves it vulnerable to system failure. That can cost you both time and happiness in the long run. Also, old technology just runs slower so takes longer to execute tasks. That can lead to more time-consuming maintenance and technical support, if it’s even provided to the outdated versions. But the biggest costs can hit when you ought to find out that your software is incompatible with partners and/or customers which can make collaboration really difficult or impossible.

Security risks

Old programs often miss out on security fixes for vulnerabilities that are discovered, thus making your defense for exploitation weak. Unsupported Software is a hacker’s best friend, because vulnerabilities that become known and aren’t patched can be swiftly weaponized against you and that’s why higher quality vendors issue regular security updates and software patches to keep their clients safe from any breaches. 

Autorsoft automatic updating

We are constantly updating our software. It was developed by using Microsoft Access, which is continuously updated as a part of Office 365 subscription services, and it does constantly evolve with it. If you use Autorsoft software with a server, we provide you with automatic updates to keep away any security risks and so you could have the latest improvements and features always available. 

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