4 common challenges in a car dealer’s daily work and their solutions

4 common challenges in a car dealer’s daily work and their solutions

Owning or working in a car dealership is not easy: facing daily challenges, such as a bad economy, unhappy customers, order confusion, delivery errors, large data volumes, technical specifications, and so on.
A good car dealer has to deal with all the challenges, moreover, they also have to solve them skillfully. Here are some of the most common problems a car dealer faces in their daily work and ideas on how to solve them!

Smooth sales process

Managing all incoming queries can be difficult. Autorsoft’s Car Sales CRM helps to manage the sales activities of car sales companies. All sales offers are stored together with customer data in a database, which is easy and fast to search. Creating a new car sales offer is done simply by clicking on the car name with the mouse. Bidding takes place within seconds and the result is always correct. Every day, the car dealer has a complete overview of the works, their order, and customers. This makes the work more organized and smoother.

Non-automation of tasks

In its daily work, the car dealer handles several different tasks and the resulting large flow of information is difficult to manage! Automation is the customer relationship management A and O! Scheduling tasks and using workflow automation will help make car dealers’ lives easier! The car sales CRM module allows you to plan working hours, track the history of cars in operation, prepare repair calculations, work orders, order the necessary spare parts, and prepare reports. Car and customer data is stored in a single database, which also provides an opportunity for targeted marketing activities. For example, send customers offers for campaigns based on their car brand.

No trust relationship is established with the customer

As a car dealer, it is crucial to establish a relationship of trust with your customer. A personal approach to the customer builds trust! How to do it? For example, Autorsoft’s car sales CRM program allows the car dealer to send customers notifications of upcoming maintenance by e-mail. The program finds the date of the last maintenance visit, adds the required number of days and generates a list. Messages are issued automatically based on the list. The message contains the text, car make, model and registration number entered by the car dealer. This tactic will help you differentiate you from your competitors and help you maintain a relationship with your customer!

Forgetting customer relationships after buying a car

Customer retention means you keep in touch with all your customers, no matter how long ago the car was sold to them. Why is maintaining a customer relationship important? The longer customers are retained, the greater the customer’s lifetime value. It is always more expensive to find new customers than to keep existing ones! Car sales CRM always helps to put the customer first! CRM helps the car dealer to establish and develop stronger relationships with customers. That leads to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CRM – what is it?

CRM is an information system used to plan and manage a company’s pre-and post-sales activities. Autorsoft’s CRM allows you to manage processes from start to finish – from calculation to sales invoice.

Given that the world and business environment around us are rapidly changing, Autorsoft is constantly updating its software. We have the ability to always develop, keep up with the company’s needs and innovations. If you are interested, write to us. After the initial input information, we can already make a specific offer.

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