Cyber ​​attacks – Backup is secured by technical expertise

Cyber ​​attacks – Backup is secured by technical expertise

Today’s employees are mobile and need mobile services, as more and more work is done without going to the office. This, in turn, means more sophisticated data security solutions, as office-only access is no longer enough. Critical business data must now be available at the home office or elsewhere. The world is changing and evolving and at the same time changing different risks.

A step against cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are a real threat that more and more organizations are facing in the developing world. In order for Autorsoft’s customer data to be in the safest possible hands, we started a partnership with Primend,  one of the largest cloud services and security companies, which has also been awarded the Microsoft Partner of the Year title for many years. In March 2021, we moved our servers to Primend Cloud, so that we can prevent various attacks and ensure the strongest possible security for our customers. At the same time, we also offer the server for rent to users outside the Autorsoft clientele.

Opportunities and benefits of cloud services

Cloud services provide access to data both in and out of the office. As the company grows, it is possible to dynamically increase the performance of the service. Primend provides a private cloud environment for business-critical applications that still need to be accessed by you or that are simply not yet ready for the public cloud.

Building and managing a data center itself is costly. The first step is to buy the right equipment and hire people to set it up and maintain it. One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is flexibility and mobility. This provides the opportunity to work from a freely chosen location. Primend Cloud technical configuration guarantees fast system recovery time due to high-quality backup. They have the ability to recover even large amounts of data in just minutes. At the same time, Primend Cloud also offers fast storage, which is especially important for mission-critical SQL database services. In addition, the Primendi team has a strong technical background and all members are certified professionals. All system administrators have more than ten years of experience.

What does this change mean for customers and Autorsoft?

For Autorsoft customers, nothing really changes except for the fact that their data is now even more secure, as Primend constantly invests in equipment, know-how and workflows that ensure high availability, fault tolerance and rapid response to any service disruption.

Due to the fact that Autorsoft no longer has to deal with the maintenance and security of the server independently, we have more energy and resources to improve the quality of our own products and services and to undertake new projects.

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