Has Covid-19 affected/accelerated software development and how?

Has Covid-19 affected/accelerated software development and how?

The COVID-19 pandemic plagued the world of business and daily life as well several companies had to undergo a rapid digital transformation. This and last year have passed for many companies largely in the home office. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the flexibility with which companies have built their IT infrastructure. Demand also increased in many industries, so those who did not have e-channels built up had to do so very quickly.

The big role of software development

With the advent of COVID-19, software developers played an important role: developing new solutions and adopting technologies that needed to be improved. Implementing e-commerce, building the capacity of home offices, providing different accesses, ensuring a flexible form of work (people want to do things more conveniently) – all this has created additional requirements and work for software manufacturers. More and more products are being demanded to do more at the same time, and after thorough analysis, even better results are usually desired. Software development has done a tremendous job of enabling companies to better adapt to the new realities of digital life.

Future trend in software development

Demand for cloud services will certainly increase when companies work remotely. Increasing attention is being paid to creating secure and reliable networks and software development. It is too early to predict for sure what the future holds. At present, software vendors tend to meet high customer demand. What is certain is that software development is part of a business that is becoming increasingly important. Thus, in terms of service delivery, today’s software vendors must be flexible enough to meet the desired additional requirements and work.

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