2021 software trends

2021 software trends

2020 has been an unprecedented year. Mankind has not experienced a global pandemic like COVID-19 in the last hundred years. It has affected all countries, all sectors and almost all people. 2020 was a significant year for the software development industry, with many tangible breakthroughs in a number of areas. The changes in the digital world are significantly faster than before. But what will 2021 bring us?

Major software trends

The spread of 5G technology

5G is controversial, but it is backed by invaluable and rapidly evolving technology. Due to its far-reaching impact, 5G is also on the list of software development trends. The introduction of 5G gives software designers an added benefit (increased speed and computing power) that they can take profit of.

Increasing Popularity of Cloud Services

Cloud-based software is no longer the latest trend, but its use increased more than ever during the pandemic. In 2021, there will be talk of advanced and mature cloud-based solutions that require only minor adjustments. The idea is that companies no longer have to spend time and money on integrating and developing, but looking for the right applications.

The predominance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the past, for example, users of business software (or ERP) had to configure separate AI add-ons for their programs to gain access to the benefits of intelligence and automation. Now the future is AI-based ERP software that offers new ways to analyze massive, complex, and unstructured data. 

The growing need for mobile applications

The growing need for mobile applications is due to the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere. This means that the logic and resources of the software systems solution are reflected in mobile devices. For example, mobile business software, or ERP, creates a more accurate and convenient data collection process, better workflow, and greater efficiency in an organization.

More user-friendly and personalized solutions

Customer management is becoming increasingly important. Different web platforms reach their customers directly, communicate with them and the result is a good overview of services and products. Business software, in turn, plays an important role in strengthening the link between the company and the customer. The goal is to reduce response time, provide quick alerts through notifications, and improve customer satisfaction. In 2021, we can expect more user-friendly interfaces and personalized solutions. Alternatively, industry-specific templates are used. For example, custom business software has the advantage of removing unnecessary features. This makes the software easier to use and makes everyday work faster, more efficient and more convenient.

2020 has been a peculiar year in which COVID-19 turned normalcy upside down. In terms of software, there was a need for software that could handle the need for teleworking. In 2021, the demand for home office support and service programs will increase. As a result, software programs may pay more attention to the creation and development of communication and collaboration features.

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