Summary of Autorsoft’s 2020 – clients and achievements

Summary of Autorsoft’s 2020 – clients and achievements

Last year was surely an influencer. The special conditions and various restrictions have created a completely new work culture in a short window of time. Some companies couldn’t adapt to these changes, while others did and found new ways to adopt even more effective solutions in these difficult times. The biggest change in the age of home offices is smarter working, which simply means that work tasks and time management is being under more scrutiny. Companies are more and more interested in how exactly is financial expenditures and employees’ time spent. 

As an meticulous overview is increasingly relevant in an effective management of a company for it to be profitable or even survive at all, Autorsoft has acquired several partners who turned to us for managing their work flow.

Satisfied customers

Thus, our cooperation with GoBus has been going on for several years, since they came to us with a desire to plan maintenance and repairs of its bus fleet more smoothly across Estonia. Their company is constantly ordering new additions to make the software work even better. We also offer a special software solution for Tänavapuhastuse AS, which joined our customer base last year. It was most important for them to get an adequate overview of their expenses on an ongoing basis.

In addition, we custom-made a program for Ascar Auto, which needed specific software for the sale of their Opels. These cars have a very varied selection of models and a lot of different equipment, which the company’s old software could not handle giving a proper overview and therefore wasn’t helpful while putting together offers for clients.

We should also not forget Swecon, an international company that sells and maintains Volvo heavy equipment and has offices around the world. The Estonian branch uses Autorsoft to manage its rental processes. As the previously week-long processes were changed to a few hour ones, they’ve also continued to order new additions from us.

Accurate reporting

As we mentioned earlier, an meticulous overview is increasingly relevant in this new era. This fact has brought a lot of work for Autorsoft programmers, because accuracy is valued more than ever.

Thus, the key word in all Autorsoft modules, interfaces and special orders is accuracy, which ensures reliable and high-quality service for both the company using it and its customers. Without accurate reporting, a company can most likely only dream of success.

SEBE has also decided to take a step in the future direction with us, because it wants to switch to a paperless workflow this year. Autorsoft has already started to create a suitable solution so that the new customer can get a program that meets the needs of their company, saves both time and money and provides a competent overview at all times.

For Autosoft, 2020 has been a successful year. We are particularly pleased that more and more of larger scale local companies are entrusting us with the production of the software needed to manage their work processes. If you also want high-quality software for monitoring and planning your work, get in touch!

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