How does special car sales software support car sales growth?

Over the last few decades, the car sales industry has undergone many major changes due to the surge in the Internet. It also gives car buyers an easy way to find a dealership, which they may not have heard of before. This, in turn, gives car dealerships visibility, the opportunity to sell more cars and build more powerful customer relationships. In order to make selling cars and retaining customers as easy and fast as possible, there are numerous car sales software available on the market, specifically for car sales companies.

Does car sales software support car sales growth?

The main business goal of the car sales agency is to increase turnover and profit. This goal must be supported by car sales software, helping to increase the efficiency of the company’s sales. It is also important to increase productivity and save working time. It is important for the car dealer that it takes little time to search for information, that offers move automatically and that the software has a lot of support for sales work. Therefore, car sales software must support the growth of the car dealer’s turnover, but it is equally important that the company finds the right software according to its needs, which would not become complicated or rob valuable working time.

Authorsoft case study: when the old solution no longer feeds

Opel dealer Ascar Auto, or the brand name Autospirit, is engaged in the sale, maintenance, repair, long-term and short-term rental of new and used cars and vans. Previously, Autorspirit used a combination of Auto24 and Automaster software to sell Opel. Opel has a variety of models and equipment options to choose from, it made it difficult to jump between multiple softwares, robbing valuable work time. It was needable to find a solution where all the information is conveniently together, which would ensure faster, more convenient and more accurate work processes for employees. As Autospirit previously had a positive experience with the Autorsoft car sales module, selling Fiat, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru, it was decided to extend this software to Opel sales. In addition, the maintenance of the previous solution, the combination of Auto24 and Automaster software, cost more than the all-in-one Autorsoft module.

What is important to follow when choosing a car sales module?
We definitely recommend following these points when looking for software:
  • the software must be affordable and user-friendly;
  • should make it possible to view, search for or draw up new offers for sale;
  • must include everything necessary for sales work, so that you do not have to update information in several places and waste time jumping between different programs;
  • the features must be adapted to the customer’s wishes and it should be possible to update them quickly if necessary;
  • tenders must be drawn up within seconds and the result must always be correct;
  • if necessary, it must be possible to enter for each car different warranty conditions, special prices or a special offer specific to that model;
  • the accessories must be able to be simply entered as a list in the database or linked to specific car models;
  • there must be the possibility of drawing up a list of accessories which can be automatically added to offers for sale;
  • It must be possible to enter the accessories manually in the sales offers, depending on the seller’s wishes;
  • it must be possible to carry out rapid searches, inquiries and various reports on the basis of all the data entered;
  •  offers made by sellers must look equally correct.

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