How to pick the best business software for your company?

How to pick the best business software for your company?

1. Know your needs

Don’t pick something just because it’s new and shiny. Software is a tool and flashy looks will rarely help with any real work. Figure out what you require for a better workflow and do your research based on that. This will ensure that the new software will actually be useful for your team. When you’re used to doing something in a certain way it can be difficult to see yourself changing the process, so you might require in-depth analysis to figure out which tasks could be improved. 

2. Set goals

After you’ve pointed out your needs, it’s time to set realistic expectations for the software you’re looking for. Do you want it to help speeding things up, create better management and overview or integrate with other softwares better? Ideally your goals should be easy to track so can actually measure the help you’re getting from your new tools. 

3. Check out the customer service

If contacting the company has a rocky start, it most likely reflects the mood of their whole communication style. You should not invest into something, if you don’t get your money’s worth and that includes high quality customer service. No one should jump through hoops to get help and have their questions answered.

4. Find a flexible solution

Rigid software just doesn’t cut it. If it is helping your organization now, but might not be counted on in the future, when what you need in software will change, then you should go for a different software. Ability to modify your solution quickly can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Possibility of change should always be kept in mind, because it will always happen and usually when least expected.

5. Weigh up the costs and the benefits

Understanding and comparing costs to the benefits your company will get from the software will help you put different offers into perspective. Benefits can be derived from your set goals such as growing sales, saving time, better overview, etc. Costs are usually subscription fees, maintenance, upgrades and so on. Let’s say  the tools you’re paying a lot of money to only help your workers to save just a few minutes a day compared to the old solution,. In this case you might consider a switch.

Ultimately you should find a business software that will support your company best, now and in the long term as the world around us changes.  If you want to improve your business, contact us to find out more about making work more effective!

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