A well-thought-out user interface design (UI/UX) ensures user convenience

A well-thought-out user interface design (UI/UX) ensures user convenience

Successful user interface design requires an understanding of user needs. There are several steps and processes in user interface design, which depend on the project and the client. Just like with other tools used for work, looks aren’t everything. A beautiful design doesn’t ensure overall quality. Convenience is important. For example, you wouldn’t buy furniture just for its looks if it were uncomfortable to actually sit on it. The same principle applies to software.

What is a user interface?

User interface is a link between the program and the user, it makes functionality of the program available to be used. Although there are graphical and command-driven interfaces, the latter is mostly used by programmers and in everyday life we mostly interact with graphical interfaces. They usually have a menu-based system, where users can select preferable actions to be performed. 

The experience of a software user is therefore largely dependent on its design. User interface design or UI/UX aims to make the user’s communication with the computer as easy and effective as possible in fulfilling the user’s goals. 

Why is a convenient user interface important?

A comfortable user interface helps users to achieve their goals effectively and operatively. This in return will increase work productivity, because tasks can be completed smoothly without getting slowed down. A good user experience goes rather unnoticed since it seems so natural. 

Every person is different and therefore their user experience differs also. It is not possible to design a system that would be suitable for everyone. But we can provide convenience for most of the users. Making business tools intuitive and easy to use.

Autorsoft’s well planned user interface

Since the developer Tiit Ootsing has also been a user of Autorsoft himself, he understands what is most important for the users while actually using the software. The designs have been based on hierarchy of the information used and also personal experience of a user. Thanks to this, the environment created enables users to quickly find necessary materials and complete tasks. Good usability is a big part of our brand, which is why Autorsoft is constantly updated to fit user needs.

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