Large vs. small software development company, which one to prefer?

Large vs. small software development company, which one to prefer?

Choosing the right software development company for you can be time consuming and confusing. Nowadays, it has become even more complicated because there are so many software development services on the market. When making a choice, many aspects need to be considered – starting with the customer’s requirements, the scope of the project and the technical capabilities of the team. In addition, different aspects between larger and smaller software companies need to be assessed and understood. Whether to prefer a large or small software company? Let’s compare and see which company size and type is more suitable for your software project. We talk about the pros and cons, the importance of the choice and finally our experience – why we prefer to be a small software development company.


Let’s start with resources. In a large software development company, the process can be rather costly compared to smaller software development companies due to its size and reputation. Small businesses are usually flexible, which means that they respond to your wishes, needs and possible changes.

Process in software projects

A small business involves the originator in the custom software development process. This kind of cooperation allows you to take part in every stage and you can be sure that the end product is the way you want it. For most large software development companies, this is more of a “you order, we deliver” policy, which is less likely to get you the product you need because the decision-making process is limited.

Project deadline

In other words, how fast do you want to receive your software product? Of course, developing software is time consuming, but that doesn’t mean that the completion process can’t be speeded up. For smaller software companies, it is a question of their responsiveness and agreements. In large companies, the end date of the project is usually fixed.

Customer communication

Smaller software companies are transparent and find a way to communicate directly with the customer through various possible communication tools and platforms. For large software development companies, the system is structured. For this reason, it’s quite likely that you’re communicating through an intermediary, not directly with the developer.

Reputation of a software development company

Major software vendors have a firm position in the market and want to keep it. Even smaller companies do their best, as losing even one customer can be a big loss. Therefore, they also tend to care more about their customers because they want to maintain a good position in the market.

Large vs. small software development team

Large companies usually have clearly defined positions that prevent situations where someone has too much to do. Everyone has a specific task in the project. In smaller companies, one person has more jobs that allow them to develop their skills. Every workflow is known about each customer’s project, so it is possible to do their job more efficiently and find solutions that add more value to the final product.

Our choice

At Autorsoft, we are customer-centric. We want to know as much as possible to offer you a variety of solutions to help your business. At Autorsoft, we are flexible and responsive to change because our goal is the success of your product. We make sure you get what the market needs and brings value to your target users. This is also the reason why we do not want to be a big company. We are committed to process adaptation and transparency. Our goal is to maintain long-term relationships with customers and ensure their durability.

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