Get business software that is adaptive to your company’s needs

Autorsoft’s software has been enhancing business management since 1995

Don’t settle for a rigid solution

Autorsoft is a easily reconfigurable software that can be adapted to fit needs of various different businesses. It was first created with car repair and sales services in mind and is til this day best suited for them, but development over the years has made the program accustomed to a wide range of industries. For example it has modules for asset management, production organization, purchase and sales accounting, cash sales, storage administration with average price calculations, bulk emailing and it is also possible develop the solutions according to specific customer needs and wishes

Choose maximum integration

Autorsoft was developed by using Microsoft Access, which is continuously updated as a part of Office 365 subscription services, and continues evolving with it. Through Microsoft’s REST-API, it can run with all of the different Microsoft (and many other) programs. With the client’s request, it is possible to reconfigure the program to Microsoft SQL, which in turn provides additional options for compatibility with softwares you you already use. Being complemented with Microsoft Outlook makes it possible to add tasks and reminders in the software. Additionally, Autorsoft is also integrated with accounting software like Standard Books and Directo. The software can even be linked with various online stores.

Keep it simple

With Autorsoft you have no need for separate licenses as it works on every PC with Windows. For installing a suitable PC and internet connection is needed to use the software with server services. Our software can be used in our server or in customer computers, but running it in customer PC will make backups for the software unavailable. Using our server gives you remote connection via any other computer or notebook connected to the internet. In addition, the server will get you software maintenance, highly secured hosting, automatic program updates when new version is available and personal approach with customer support, which will make managing work noticeably easier. 

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